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Environmental Commitment

environmental commitment

TransMontaigne regards environmental protection as an integral part of our business and an essential component of maintaining excellent relationships with our employees, our business partners, the communities in which we conduct business and regulatory authorities.

To meet our commitment to the environment, it is TransMontaigne’s policy to:

  • Comply with applicable regulatory and legal requirements
  • Develop internal policies and programs if the Company identifies areas where regulatory and legal requirements are insufficient
  • Work with industry and professional associations to track emerging issues, develop responsible business practices, and share perspectives on effective environmental protection.
  • Integrate responsibilities for environmental matters into all relevant functions, including line functions, with appropriate resources and support made available
  • Provide employees with opportunities to identify areas for improvement regarding current Company environmental policies
  • Foster routine, open communications with the communities in which we conduct business
  • Require contractors and business partners to meet or exceed Company standards for environmental protection
  • Develop initiatives for improvement of environmental performance, which reflect Company policy, mitigate environmental impact, and take into account the unique aspects of the communities where we conduct business
  • Promptly report incidents or imminent threats to authorities and to other key stakeholders as required by applicable regulations, to enhance environmental protection
  • Develop an appropriate framework for internal and external reporting regarding environmental performance
  • Monitor the Company’s compliance with laws, regulations, and adherence to Company environmental policies

Key Facets of Our Environmental Commitment Policy:

  • Recycling Program
    • All tank cleaning materials are sent to Recycling Facilities for product recovery.

      All Off Spec Commercial Chemical Products (Petroleum Contact Water) are sent to a Recycling Facility for product recovery.

      We are currently partnered with Waste Management’s lamp tracker program for appropriate disposal of fluorescent lamps.
  • Safety and Environmental Auditing Program
    • All facilities participate in scheduled audits to ensure compliance with our safety and environmental policies. Any gaps in compliance are pursued until properly resolved.