Juan Medina

Senior Staff Engineer

I have been working at TransMontaigne for more than 20 years. I got my start by mowing grass, painting and doing various other jobs at terminal locations. After six months of learning about every aspect of the operation, I was given the opportunity to join as a full-time terminal operator. In the ensuing years I was able to continue my education culminating in obtaining my PE license. I enjoy that my contributions as a Senior Staff Engineer play an important part not just at my terminal location, but for the company overall. At TransMontaigne, your career is truly in your hands and opportunities for growth and development are endless, so long as you approach your work with the level of dedication needed. I truly feel like I am part of a big family here.

Marty Reese

Technician (Technical Services)

I have been working at TransMontaigne for more than 15 years. I was originally hired at as an operator at one of TransMontaigne’s terminals in Georgia. After five years, I had the opportunity to apply my electrical and mechanical skills and was eventually hired as a technician. At TransMontaigne, you work alongside a group of talented people who all share the same goal of delivering quality service and ‘getting the job done.’ I really enjoy working at a company where hard work is rewarded and personal development is a focus.

Michael Brandes

Staff Engineer

I always wanted to be part of the oil and gas industry, and TransMontaigne was the perfect fit for my career. The company does a great job at providing for personal growth. My work as an engineer is both challenging and rewarding. TransMontaigne provides a very welcoming environment filled with employees that like to work hard and find solutions together. The most satisfying part of my job is seeing a project through from start to finish. It is really exciting and rewarding to see months of planning and hard work result in a successful outcome.

Melissa Tucker

Procurement Manager

I was primarily attracted to TransMontaigne due to its opportunity for continuous learning. In the procurement department, we are called to contract and purchase a wide variety of services and material. I really enjoy learning and seeing how the purchases I make are utilized across the company. I was originally hired as a Purchasing Assistant after serving in the same role as a temporary worker for a few months. I was later promoted to a Procurement Specialist and recently to a Procurement Manager. The best part of working for TLP is the sense of accomplishment that comes along with doing your job well.

Anand Mohanty

Sr. Solutions Architect, IT

I started at TransMontaigne as a consultant developer and eventually grew into working in several diverse technology platforms. As a Senior Solutions Architect, I have had the opportunity to work with various divisions of the company. The job and environment is constantly evolving. The open culture allows us to talk to business users, functional people, and management personnel seamlessly. I get to work on my own responsible areas as well as see different things going on around me. It not only helps me know more about my organization, but also makes me realize where else I need to grow or can contribute apart from my given assignment. The best part of working at TransMontaigne is the constant challenges that you encounter, and the spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains from my office!

Cassie Kunzman

Human Resources

My favorite part about working at TransMontaigne is being a part of an incredibly wonderful group of employees. It really makes the work here satisfying. My career at TransMontaigne has been full of encouragement to pursue opportunities and continually advance my career. TLP promotes a culture of continuous education and development. I am fortunate to have the amount and quality of support that I do from both from my direct managers as well as experienced leaders throughout the organization. TLP is a successful and energetic company that provides the utmost care and support for its employees.