Below is a summary of major growth projects currently underway or under consideration at TransMontaigne:

Collins Growth Project

The Collins storage terminal is strategically located given its dual connectivity to the Colonial and Plantation Pipelines, two of the largest refined petroleum product pipelines in the U.S. These pipelines run from refineries in the Gulf Coast area to the Northeast and terminate in Washington D.C. (Plantation) and the Ports of New York and New Jersey (Colonial).

Collins Phase I Expansion We are currently expanding our Collins / Purvis terminal by 2 million barrels of storage capacity from its current 3.4 million barrels of capacity. This organic growth project is fully contracted and backed by long-term, fee-based agreements. 1.2 million barrels of capacity has been placed into service as of February 2017, with an additional 0.8 million barrels of capacity being placed into service throughout Q2 2017.

Collins Phase II Expansion (potential) We are currently exploring the potential for a Phase II expansion, which would increase our terminal by an additional 2 to 5 million barrels of product storage. We are undergoing a permitting review and are engaged with customers to identify capacity demand.

Collins Phase I Construction, December 2016

Collins Phase I Construction, December 2016